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Free Fatty Acids: < 3 %
M.I.U ( Moisture and Impurities): 0.02 %
Iodine value: 50
Titre C (melting point): 13.75°C
Specific Gravity @ 25°C : 0.915
Density (kg/m3) – 900 (min): 0.920
Flashpoint by P.-M. – 225°C
Kinematic Viscosity (40°C) (mm2/s) – 38
Carbon Residue (mass-%) – 0.2
Ash Content (mass%) – 0.01 (max)
Water Content (mass%) – 0.075 (max)



Buy Used Cooking Oil Online | Trusted Exporters of Used Cooking Oil

Buy Used Cooking Oil online, Introducing LE MOULIN A HUILE DE NIGELLE, your trusted partner in superior used cooking oil. Our mission is to deliver a significant contribution to the culinary world, making every home meal or restaurant dish a remarkable experience.

Our used cooking oil is the secret sauce to delicious dishes and the unsung hero behind every well-cooked meal. Our products are carefully processed from high-quality ingredients, ensuring they bring out an extra layer of flavor, enhancing the overall taste.

Exporters of used cooking Oil, At LE MOULIN A HUILE DE NIGELLE, we go beyond the ordinary. We believe in the power of sustainability. Our used cooking oil range not only adds a tasty burst to your meals but also contributes positively to an eco-friendly world. By recycling and reusing cooking oil, we help reduce waste, aiming for a healthier and cleaner environment.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and the environment. Each batch of our oil is thoroughly checked for any impurities to ensure the seamless bulletproof quality that our customers deserve.

Suppliers of used cooking oil, LE MOULIN A HUILE DE NIGELLE’s used cooking oil is where exceptional taste meets environmental responsibility. Take your cooking to the next level with our products that are not just a choice, but a lifestyle of good taste and conscious living.

Elevate your culinary experience, enrich your meals, and leave behind a beautiful world for future generations with LE MOULIN A HUILE DE NIGELLE. Because here, we serve quality, we serve sustainability, we serve you! Taste the difference, feel the commitment.

Buy Used Cooking Oil Online – Reliable Exporters of Used Cooking Oil

Salvage and sustainability are the heartbeat of our company; we believe in repurposing products to dramatically reduce waste, promote a greener, healthier planet. Our specialized team of experts routinely cleans, filters, and meticulously processes each drop of used cooking oil to return it to near-original condition.

Hassle-free online shopping makes it easy for you to buy used cooking oil from the comfort of your home or business. We merge the convenience of digital commerce with the assurance of a quality product diligently prepared for reuse. Our web-based platform is simple, secure, and ready to serve you at all hours.

Our used cooking oil isn’t just recycled; it’s redesigned. We convert the waste into a beneficial product, providing an excellent alternative solution for biodiesel product manufacturing, agricultural feed, and even industrial lubricants.

Le Moulin A Huille De Nigelle isn’t merely a business; it’s a promise. A promise to deliver products that sponsor sustainability, endorse affordability, and champion quality. Join us in our mission to turn valuable waste into a wealth of opportunity.

So come, and discover the possibilities with Le Moulin A Huille De Nigelle; we are more than the providers of used cooking oil. We’re innovators, conservationists, and purveyors of sustainable solutions—ready to lead the recycling revolution. Embrace the alternative, the eco-conscious choice, and let us deliver our premium-quality, diligently processed, used cooking oil right to your door. Together, let’s make waste valuable!


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